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    The LUCID Experience!

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    Welcome to the LUCID Experience, where self-discovery, healing, and divine connection await through plant, fungi and ancestral medicines. Join us for a transformative journey, and ceremony deepening your understanding and intimacy with yourself.

    We work with underserved communities like the LGBTQ+ & BIPOC communities, as well as survivors of PTSD, addiction, and formerly incarcerated. We have a wonderful team of trauma informed and CPR certified practitioners and facilitators. 

    Experience sustained personal growth through our 30-day integration process, fostering continuous improvement post ceremony. Come connect with a supportive community, addressing feelings of disconnection and stagnation in personal development.

    For the curious minded find clarity on your path and purpose, guided by deep self-exploration.

    Ready to transform? Sign up now and begin your journey towards a life of depth, meaning, and connection.

    You will need to go through a check in call a week prior to ceremony to prepare you for your journey.