About us


Soulstice Apothecary is a holistic herbal medicine and sacred ceremony company founded by Niko Summers. Summers is a herbalist, mycologist, ceremonialist, teacher, and speaker. We make organic herbal supplements and tinctures free of fillers. Our kambô and bufo medicines are sourced from providers who extract their secretions through harmless practices. Soulstice prioritizes the wellbeing of the BIPOC & LGBTQ+ community, and is here to serve all who need healing. 

Meet The Founder

Niko Summers holding Bufo Alvarius, the Bufo Toad, in Hermosillo, Mexico.


Ever since childhood, I've been fascinated with the magical world of plants and animals. Plants have played a medicinal role in all of my life, to help me heal from PTSD, severe depression, anxiety, OCD, and diagnosed ADD/HD. From the 1st grade until high school, I took several herbal and holistic medicines, including different types of holistic therapies. I meditated a lot and was involved in martial arts, which helped my mental and physical health even more.

In 2012, while in college, I decided to start working with cannabis, mushrooms, and kambô for their therapeutic and neurological benefits. The work I did with them helped me tremendously in my spiritual, psychological, and physiological healing in ways I never could expect. And in 2019, I made the decision to deepen my passion for holistic medicine. I traveled to Peru and participated in multiple plant medicine ceremonies. It was a very transformative experience.

During my time in Peru, on my last day, I was told by one of our travel guides to “look into mushrooms and start pursuing them”. I didn't know how I would do that, but given that I'd worked with mushrooms extensively for my own healing, primarily through a method known as microdosing, I knew it was possible for me. When I came back from my travels, I enrolled in a professional herbalism program and began formulating and selling herbal supplements through my new business, Soulstice Apothecary. I also opened my mushroom company, Native Mushrooms, where I sell neurotropic supplements for brain health, featuring a variety of mushrooms that have helped me manage my ADD/HD. I eventually incorporated kambô and bufo alvarius ceremonies after extensive mentorship and self-practice. It's with great honor that I serve my community these medicines that enable deep shifts in mind, body, and soul.