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    Bufo Session

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    You will need to go through a 60 minute consultation and health screening before booking this ceremony.
    Welcome to starting your journey with Bufo! You have heard the call of the toad medicine and it is here to help serve you. I like to start everyone off on the right foot by having them read through the prepared guidelines for the Bufo session below. Over the span of a week you will follow the light protocol of eating and drinking plenty of water and a week after you will sit with Bufo. Please read through everything thoroughly and if you have any questions please let me know.
    It is really important:
    • To inform me of any Mental or Physical Health conditions that you currently have or have experienced, so I can better assist you through the medicine.
    • It is crucial that you inform me of any drugs or medications that you are currently taking or have taken in the past. SSRI’s MUST be tapered off or not taken for at least 1-3 weeks depending on usage before Bufo.
    • If there is a possibility that you are pregnant, and you are younger than 18 then Bufo is not for you at this moment.
    If you are not fully transparent and truthful Bufo can be harmful and also life-threatening if given to people who are Contraindicated.
    It is also important to let me know ANYTIME during your session if you need to get up and use the bathroom my partner or I will get up and can help you to wherever you need to go safely.
    Leading up to your session: 1 week prior
    • No alcohol or other recreational substances, (Cannabis is okay in small amounts)
    • Please be conscious of what you are eating before the session, light plant-based meals for a week leading up to your session is a great way to start the process and introduce the medicine to your body.
    • No other substances containing MAOi’s like Ayahuasca, or plant based forms of DMT and serotonin inducers.
    • Do not eat anything 6-12 hours before your session.
    • If you feel you need to drink something in the morning of your treatment drink a glass of warm water with honey in it.
    • Meditation and breath work will be offered to begin the session but if the nerves are bad upon awaking doing some 5-5-5 deep hold breaths and meditation can help prepare the body for what it is about to endure.
    What to bring/have accessible:
    • Wear comfortable clothing you may wish to dress with layers, as you may experience being both hot and cold.
    • Bring a change of clothes, just in case and a blanket.
    • Bring a yoga mat or have something you can lay on. (a towel is fine)
    • Please remove dangly and tightly fitted jewelry and if you have long hair to tie it back or wear a headband.
    • If you would like to bring an intention, a wish or a prayer that you would like to invite into your life, or would like to let something go that is no longer serving you, you are welcome to as well.
    What to do when you leave:
    • Eat and drink light foods. (No fried foods, onions, red meat, heavily proceed foods, no alcohol for 2-3 days after).
    • Start you integration process right away, dance, sing, workout, start a new hobby or creative passion, journal and write and your experience and find a good integration coach to move you through the next 30 days (we will support you as well during this time with our integration specialists).
    • Allow time to rest and to integrate on the day of your session (MOVE SLOW).
    • Please send me a message the following day to inform me of how you are.
    • Integration activities we recommend:
    -Hot cold therapy (sauna and cold plunge)
    -Float tanks
    -working out in nature (running, biking, hiking, climbing, walking, swimming)
    -somatic breathwork
    -yoga/yogic practices
    -audio, video, or writing journaling
    -Painting or any art form
    Additional Information:
    • Start microdosing with psilocybin a week after your session to help with your integration
    • If you are having trouble integrating and are experiencing suicidal ideation please call or text The Fireside Project 623-473-7433.