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    Hike & Psych 7/20/24

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    This Hike and Psych will be a plant medicine hike along a beautiful trail in Glen Canyon Park in San Francisco.  We will have a great time outdoors exploring nature and walking amongst lush green trees.  It will be a great way to enjoy the summer as everything is in full bloom and the stress of the year can slowly come to an ease.  You can bring your own plant medicine to partake in or enjoy what we offer.

    We will start the walk/hike off with a Hapé ceremony and meet in the big grassy field.

    We will then take the high trail up and over the canyon into the park and ending back where we started at the field.

    There will be plant based snacks provided and make sure to bring plenty of water. 

    Everyone is welcome to have up to 3 microdoses for a light experience.

    For more vetted and experienced people 1 sacred chocolate can be provided.