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    Katukina Tribe Hapé (Nukini)

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    Sacred Hapé
    Name: Nukini
    Intensity level: **

    This is sacred Hapé from the tribes in Brazil for personal and sacred ceremonial use.

    What is Hapé?
    -Hapé is a herbal blended snuff that helps clear the mind, auric field and energy of the user.
    -It aids in physical and spiritual protection and repairs the aura from tears or damages in the field it creates
    - It can help with depression, anxiety, clarity, insomnia, and more.
    -It can be administered to you or you can self administer

    Please note: There are different levels of Hapé based on their names, some are stronger than others and I have put the level of intensity in asterisks under the name going from 1-5, 1 being the lowest in intensity and 5 being the highest.

    All of our Hapé and products are made by hand by the indigenous tribes in brazil. Making this medicine helps to support their communities and their families. It is an honor for us to be able to receive this medicine and give back to their community.