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    Sea Mineral Duo

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    Sea Mineral Duo!!
    A great choice for those who are severely demineralized this blend of sea minerals gives you 102 out of the 102 essential minerals your body needs!! With sea moss carrying a load of 92 of those minerals bladderwrack completes the rest of the 10, plus delivering other unique phytonutrients made by the incredible sea vegetable! Getting in our daily minerals is vital for our well being and longevity and with this natural, less concentrated method your body can bio-identify and absorb them properly.
    Helps with:
    - Joint pain
    - Arthritis
    -Nerve damage and degeneration,
    -Skin nails and hair,
    -Cellular regeneration
    -Mucus ridding (great for coughs, asthma, cold/flu),
    -High blood pressure
    ...and much more!

    *Each order comes with a thank you card, and a free crystal. Please let me know if you are pregnant or nursing so I can give you an appropriate herbal blend.

    *Not FDA approved
    *This company and its products do not diagnose treat or cure any disease or ailment. Please consult with your doctor before you take any of these supplements if your pregnant or nursing please consult with your doctor and midwife before you use this supplement.