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    Sea Mineral Adapt

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    High in minerals and mushroom adaptogens that are organic and are bio-available to the body. This mushroom super blend with organically grown, no fillers, adders, mycelium, or brown rice bran but pure fruiting bodies of lions mane, cordyceps, Reishi, Maitake, Turkey tail, and Chaga!

    This is an amazing power house for the bodies immune system, and a properly functioning nervous system.
    Amazing for asthma, and the lungs as well as focus and concentration in the brain. This combination of minerals and mushrooms brings down the inflammation in the brain and the body. People who are on the go and need a good pick me up without the need of caffeine or a coffee buzz love this product; it also provides stable clean mental clarity and stamina, great for people suffering from ADD or ADHD.

    Because of its anti inflammatory effects it can also help relieve pain in the body and joints caused by arthritis, damaged cartilage or tissues, Carpal Tunnel etc...This blend can help repair and regenerate the bodies ability to heal soft tissues and give more moisture and support to damaged cartilage.  

    Great for Athletes,

    Long distance runners,


    Immune compromised

    Asthma or heavy allergies 

    *Not FDA approved
    *This company and its products do not diagnose treat or cure any disease or ailment. Please consult with your doctor before you take any of these supplements if your pregnant or nursing please consult with your doctor and midwife before you use this supplement.